Cherry Hills
Menifee, Ca

The former Cherry Hills Golf Course is now closed. Golf operations at Cherry Hills are financially unsustainable.  As with the North Course, Cherry Hills has been losing a significant amount of money every year. Since we’ve taken ownership, our immediate priorities are cleaning up the properties, addressing deferred maintenance, and discussing the future with the community.

Currently, there are not development plans in place for either area.  Ambient Communities (Ambient) will be holding a series of community meetings for residents and stakeholders to provide suggestions on amenities and land uses. At the same time, Ambient Communities will be conducting the following studies:

• Biological
• Soil
• Water
• Traffic

Other important efforts are focused on understanding the property and gathering the relevant information needed to all make informed decisions going forward.  Ambient will be working with the City of Menifee to post signage in the area advising against trespassing and filing the appropriate paperwork for any homeless removal efforts to be enforced by the City.  Keeping the area safe is our priority.

If you would like to provide input on any potential long-term ideas or plans, and are interested in attending community meetings, you can sign up to be added to our information notification list.  There will not be any unknown deals or fast actions taken.  This is a long process and we will be expending great efforts to gather as many ideas and concerns as possible before working on a plan.  Any plan will be reviewed before any action or formal city consideration is taken. If you would like someone to contact you, please fill out the form: